The latest news from FCRS

Educational excellence relies on by well trained and motivated teachers. AT CRS more than 25% of staff have a formal teaching qualification recognised by the West African Exam Council , something that is rare in Guinea’s state schools where most teachers have only have only been educated to high school level. FCRS funded 4 of these teachers to gain their qualifications and promotes trickle down training for the rest of the staff. FCRS support teachers’ salaries giving them a living wage in a country where 50% of the population live below the poverty line. Teachers at CRS are motivated to stay in post by regular pay, professional development and training and the supportive

Small classes enable educational excellence

Educational excellence  means small student teacher ratios.  FCRS supporter lower class sizes  with numbers range between 20 and 30 in contrast to classes of 80 to 100 in state schools. These two facts mean that students at CRS can achieve levels of educational excellence in literacy and numeracy not seen in state schools in Guinea.

STEM subjects support educational excellence

At the higher levels of the school Educational excellence is facilitated by modern facilities. Helped by funding from The Merck Family Fund FCRS was able to build and resource a modern science lab and   put two senior science teachers through 2 months of training  as lab technicians and as teachers of practical science. In 2023 the IT facilities were substantially with fibre broadband, air conditioning and a projector.

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