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Debates play a central role at CRS and are taken extremely seriously by staff and students. In December 2022 the first debate to be held in the new auditorium took place. The topic for debate was “Homework should be given to the students” with Grade 8 students arguing for and Grade 7 against.
The winner?
Grade 8 – students should be given homework!
Tamba Nyumah added that the teacher agree with the outcome of the debate
“homework will permit students to make other researches on the subject matter. It also helps them in making new discovery of knowledge by themselves; while teachers are serving in that capacity as their sole guidances. In teaching methodology, normally, teachers should not do all the learning process for the pupils. They should be involved completely so that they will be proud of the knowledge acquired.”
What do you think the outcome of a similar debate in the UK would be?

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