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All students at CRS are entitled to a hot midday meal  8 days a month funded by FCRS. This improves access to education for families who have very little by allowing their children to go to school confident in the knowledge that they will not go hungry.

School meals keep students out of work

Although FCRS pays the fees for 100 students who are struggling to find the money for fees but would otherwise be able to attend school when trustees Tanya and Ruth Walmesley visited in 2008 they realised that  many children were dropping out of education and numbers were so low they threatened the continuation of the school. On investigating they discovered that many were being kept away to work during the day so as to scrape together enough money for a meal in the evening. The school meals program grew out of this observation. Since then . Attendance at school had been falling rapidly in 2008 but increased by over 50% when the school meal program was introduced and has remained at the same level since.

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