The latest news from FCRS

FCRS believes that equality, both gender, religious and racial equality, tolerance and compassion mark CRS out as a remarkable establishment.

Equality for female students

It promotes access to education for girls as well as supporting them on controversial issues like FGM and early marriage. In a country where less than 30% of girls complete there education CRS gender equality throughout the 12 grades. A school of nearly 500 students, over 50% of students at the school are female while the girls play football take part in athletics and are often class leaders.

Equal access to education

Access to education for all is central to FCRSs’ mission. The vast majority of its pupils come from very disadvantaged backgrounds and are often living with single parents or extended family members. FCRS funds 100 scholarships for the most needy each year, ensuring the poorest of families can still educate their children.

Compassion at the centre of education

CRS functions as more than just a school.  It provides a safe haven for vulnerable and at- risk young people as well as serving as a community resource.

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